Oracle EBS R12: Grey out Descriptive Flexfield Segment (DFF)

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate on the technique to grey out a Descriptive flexfield (DFF) segment.

You may require to Grey out / Restrict entry in a DFF segment to serve any possible purpose in your business process mapping in any form of Oracle.

In order to grey out a descriptive flexfield segment, a special value set has to be setup and attached to the relevant DFF segment (which you want to grey out). The value set will be so set up that no data can be entered in it.

The setup of the Value set should be as follows:


Set the Validation type as Special and click on Edit Information button.

Setup the special validation routines as follows in the window that will open:


The syntax shown in the screenshot above is as follows:


Save the Value Set and attach it to any DFF segment that you want to grey out. The value set segment will be greyed out as follows:

Grey Out DFF.jpg


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