Oracle EBS R12: Extract your complete Quality Plan Setup via SQL

The following query can be used to extract the complete setup of your quality plan. It starts extracting your setup form the plan and goes back to the elements attached to the plan.

Quite a simple query, but it never hurts to have your work done for you. All you need is your PLAN_ID:

SELECT qp.plan_id, 
       qp.NAME "Plan Name", 
       qp.PLAN_TYPE_CODE "Plan Type",
       qc.NAME "Element Name", 
       qpc.prompt "Element Prompt", 
       qpc.result_column_name "CHARACTER_ID" ,
       decode(qpc.ENABLED_FLAG, 1, 'Y', 'N') "ENABLED_FLAG",
       decode(qpc.MANDATORY_FLAG, 1, 'Y', 'N') "MANDATORY_FLAG",
       decode(qpc.DISPLAYED_FLAG, 1, 'Y', 'N') "DISPLAYED_FLAG",
       decode(qpc.READ_ONLY_FLAG , 1, 'Y', 'N') "READ_ONLY_FLAG",
       qc.CHAR_TYPE_CODE "Element Type",
       qc.sql_validation_string "Element SQL Statement"
  FROM qa_plans qp,
       qa_plan_chars qpc, 
       qa_chars qc 
   WHERE 1 = 1
   AND qpc.plan_id = 23108         ---<<<-----------Insert Your PLAN_ID here-------
   AND qc.char_id = qpc.char_id
   AND qp.plan_id = qpc.plan_id

There you have it. Let the extraction begin!


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